What is Kishi-ke,岸家?

Jpanesetea Teaceremony
Sup Ocean
Teaceremony Sado
Teaceremony Sado
Shojin Shojincuisine
Sado IncenseCeremony
Zen Temple
Jpanesetea Tea
Teaceremony Sado
Shojin Shojincuisine
Teaceremony Sado

My family is from a long line of Samurai warriors from Okayama prefecture and family temple is Zen temple(Rinzai Myoshoji school) at Okayama.
We follow the teachings of and philosophy of the Zen in our daily lives.

Now we are preparing to start luxury Japanese style private hotel in November 2018 at Kamakura, Home of the SAMURAI where there are many Zen temples.

We believe that there is “something” we can offer to the world.

The “something” we’ve been thinking about at Kishi-ke is based on “知足,Chisoku” a Zen word and concept.

We understand “知足,Chisoku” as “to be satisfied with the now and to have hope.”
Not only to appreciate the moment but to find a path to enjoy a better future.
We believe that’s the “something” we can offer to the world.

Kishi-ke offers you a new journey, a new way to vacation.

We offer more than just accommodations, food and sightseeing.
You can encounter Japan as if you’re a local.
Feel and explore the Japanese wisdom of 知足,Chisoku.
We've selected places, activities, food experiences and people to make your travel not only fun and relaxing but something good for your inner self even after back to your home.
Explore a new world that many don’t ever see and connect with new people and new experience.

We’re your partner to help you realized your Japanese travel and give you a deeper experience that goes beyond tourism.

Places to stay

Kishi-ke construction concept:
Classical new place
-Reuse and recycle
“Old house” ”Old woods” ”Old material”
-Design combining New & Old


和室 庭
Washits and Niwa

Nowadays not many people make Washists for their houses in Japan.
In our place, we reinterpreted and redefine the Washist as the space to feel 知足Chisoku.
For example, 床 Toko was historically for places to put Buddhist altar fittings and developed as alcove but recently people don't make Toko space as it takes more space. We made Toko with simple and slim design that can be still used as Toko such as hooking hanging scrolls, kakejiku and arranging flowers.
Our Washits is simplified and intended to feel outside of the room.
Outside we mean is ocean in front of our place and Japanese garden located to center of our land. We think to being harmonized with nature is one of the characteristic of Japanese architecture.



Our bath locates to the front of ocean.
Not only to purify and calm yourself but also to feel Chisoki.
We sometimes use bath for one of the activity during tea ceremony.



“起きて半畳寝て一畳 You can spend your life on half a tatami space and sleep in one tatami space.” *A Tatami size 910mm×1820mm
I learned this saying from a Buddhist monk. Of course we don’t need to do this but our Shinshits is simplified garden view space to concentrate on sleep.

About us

Kishi-ke CEO
岸信之 Nobuyuki Kishi

-1984 born in Tokyo.

-2008 graduated Sophia University as International Legal Studies major.

-2016 became 16th head of family due to death
 of grandfather.

-2017 founded 株式会社岸家Kishi-ke Co.,Ltd.


Kishi-ke Art director
岸仁美 Hitomi Kishi

-1989 born in Osaka.

-graduated Tama art university as product
 design major.

-joined Panasonic.

-join Kishi-ke as an art director.

株式会社岸家 Kishi-ke Co.,Ltd.

Founded: November 29th,2017

Capital: JPY 5,000,000

Business area: Hotel operations, Management of Kishi-ke TV, E-commerce

Head quarter: 21-4 Sakanoshita Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 248-0021 Japan